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Feed Mills
The Feed Mill Industry worldwide is evolving fast. It is always in the miller's objective to work on the best quality and performance ratio with an optimal investment. Aside of having the other
task of controlling the right ingredients for a cost efficient finished product, operational costs play also an important role in the profitability of the mill. Nevertheless, safety, sanitation and quality control protocols are also to be taken into consideration.
There is no standard "off the shelf" design of a Feed Mill. Each Feed manufacturer differs from eachother since each has its own specific requirements. The design has to be therefore tailor made taking into account the available technologies in the market and apply them suitably. In this respect, VRH Eurosolutions Inc., provides you with the most reccommendable solution taking into account all the factors above mentioned.
VRH Eurosolutions Inc. teams up with you and together, by sharing our experiences, will endure the realization of the project from scratch to a fully "state of the art" plant.
All the above is worked out within a reasonable budget!

Premix Plant
Modular Test Mill
Premix Plant
Layer Feed Plant
Animal Feeds Technologies Covered:
Poultry Feeds
The characteristics of Poultry Feeds vary. Layer, Starter, Broiler, etc. for each, aside of the nutritional content, there are physical characteristics of the feed that are to be taken into account: size of the pellet, particle size of the processed ingredients, hardness, durability, color, etc. Taking this into account, appropriate equipment should be utilized for best efficiency.
Power Feeds
Power Feeds or Game Fowl Feeds is very popular in the Philippines. The main composition of the formulation is a variety of processed grains. Most of the grains have to be processed individually due to their physical characteristics. Importance therefore, is the choice of the correct equipment that can bring the expected final results maintaining their integrity prior mixing with other grains, at the maximum yield.
Suine Feeds
Most popular line of Feeds Production in the Philippines. The design of the process and the required equipment should take into consideration the variety of the feeds that has to produce to meet the Farm's requirement.
Aqua Feeds
A market in steady expansion in the Philippines. Also for this type of Feeds, it is important to meet the final characteristics. Main characteristics are: floatability, sinkability, durability, oil content, density, hardness, size, etc. There are several technologies and variants available worldwide and VRH Eurosolutions Inc. can surely guide you to the most cost efficient solution.
Pet Food
Process wise, there are several similiarities with Aqua Feed. However, there are some phases of the process that require suitable equipment for the purpose.
Premix Plant
Although Premix Plants may belong to a different family, it is still an important component in the Feed Milling Industry. Premix systems can be provided individually, integrated in a Feed Mill Complex or in line with the Feed Mill process line.
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