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SAATIMil is SAATI’s dedicated line to the flour milling industry, which includes an extensive selection of fabric types that are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and in compliance with FDA Code of Federal Regulations, as well as with Regulations CE 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011.
  • Monofilament woven fabrics
  • Available in synthetic (PA-PES-MAR) fibers
  • High Open Area
  • Consistent geometrical tolerances
  • Excellent strength and dimensional stability
  • High resistance to mechanical stress, abrasion, chemical agents and corrosion
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Longer screen life
  • Intended to come in contact with food

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SAATIMil fabrics are available in a variety of fiber sizes for a given opening size.
A large fiber improves screen life, but decreases screen flow capacity.
A smaller fiber will provide greater screening capacity but will wear out faster.
The flour milling industry has traditionally used a unique numbering system to denote variations in fiber sizes.

SAATIMil XXX grades have a large fiber size and are used for hard grades of wheat and durum or other abrasive grains

SAATIMil GG or Grit Gauze grades are woven with coarser opening sizes with a smaller fiber to provide a higher screening capacity.

SAATIMil HT are high-capacity screens in medium and finer opening sizes. They have a higher tensile strength and better abrasive resistance than the SaatiMil XX grades. They are ideal for the newer type sifting frames, which have glued-on screens requiring high tensile stretching.

SAATIMil XX fabrics are woven with two smaller diameter fibers adjacent to oneanother. This construction provides a rougher surface to the screen, whichis beneficial when sieving soft wheat, bakery flour and other products that are difficult to sift.

SAATIMil MAR fabrics are the ideal choice for all milling applications where standard nylon cloths do not stand high humidity values and subsequently adsorb moisture, causing a critical loss of tension and decreased screening efficiency. Available grades are MAR HT and MAR XX lines.

SAATIMil PES GG Grit Gauze. Specific for Purifier sieves. The rough fabric surface makes the product remain longer on the sieves. This leads to better separation. Hardly affected by humidity, restistant to temperature changes, keeps constant tension.

Saati SPA supplies also a wide range of accessories as:
- Cleaners
- Expellers
- Brushes
- Sleeves
- Pre-stitched to size Purifier Screens
- And more...

ULTRAFIX CA adhesives are designed for bonding wire cloth and synthetic screens to wood, metal or plastic frames.
Low, medium and high viscosity are available.
Supplied in 50 and 450 gr container

ULTRAFIX REMOVER is a convenient gel which removes Ultrafix adhesives. This gel is effective on urethane-based and cyanoacrylate adhesives.
Ultrafix Remover is available in 1 and 5 kg containers.

ULTRAFIX CA ACTIVATOR cures cyanoacrylate adhesive instantly and is available in two types of dispensers: aerosol and pump.
It is available in 160 gr containers.
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